Our Network & Partners

Adventis is part of a broader affiliation of business, which are listed below.
The Africa Financial Services Investment Conference
AFSIC is one of the most important African investment events held globally. It has a very strong investment focus and is attended by many of the most important global investors investing into Africa and by investors interested in learning more about African investment opportunities.

The structure of AFSIC is specifically designed to provide African companies seeking investment with multiple opportunities to present their company to, and meet with, a very large variety of both debt and equity investors and also dealmakers focused on Africa with a view to attracting inward investment and developing strong and sustainable business relationships with investors. We welcome other investors and dealmakers to join our team at this exciting event.
African Investment Trips
Africa is a huge continent comprising the size of the United States, Europe, India, Japan and China combined. Successful investing in Africa requires a strong focus on deal origination, the development of top quality research capabilities and networks and successful execution. This necessitates the continued development and maintenance of a large, high calibre network of Senior Executives in different business sectors across the key economies on the continent.

Our team runs perhaps the most extensive investor trips to multiple countries across Africa. These trips are entirely centred on researching and originating high potential and investable transactions on the continent. We welcome other investors and interested parties on these trips with us. If this might be of interest please view our current investor trip schedule.