Our Investment Approach

Africa holds a multitude of attractive investment opportunities which requires an experienced team and sound investment approach to generate sustainable returns while managing the risks. Our tried and tested approach combines bottom-up and top-down elements which has delivered returns through the cycle.

Our investment approach has a strong research underpin where the team conducts regular investment trips to the continent to conduct fundamental and macro-economic analysis. We analyse qualitative information in a structured objective manner which creates discipline in investment decision making and mitigates emotional biases.

As a multi-asset class investment manager Adventis applies a consistent long-term valuation-driven philosophy to all the investments it manages.

Key to our investment approach are the following principles:
Investments are analysed on a fundamental bottom-up basis where strong management and corporate governance are key
We approach investments as a long-term partnership with company management
Investments should be accurately valued and purchased at attractive price relative to their fair value
Risk Control
We assess the underlying drivers of risk on a bottom-up and top-down basis which allows us to manage these risks